SmartParenting for future ready children: 

The Challenges of Parenting today are different from those in the last century. Though many Matters would be the same as in classical Parenting there are many new concerns that are only of recent origin.

This program does not concern itself much with knowledge and information that may be labelled as the ABC of Parenting, but addresses a few more complex issues that confront the modern Parent. There are 4 courses which would be common for all participants, but there would be additional guidance to resources that are specific to an individual need.

This is a program that can be covered in two months.

Fresh batches will begin on the first Monday of every month.

It comprises 8 modules :

MMP01: Becoming a Lifelong learner

MMP02: Technology and Parenting

MMP13: Creative Intelligence

MMP27: Fostering the habit of learning

MMP28: Developing Future Leaders

MMP38: Improving Reading Skills

MA07: Raising Emotionally strong kids

MA10: Developing a family educational Philosophy