The Long Tail of 101+ courses:

The Long Tail of 101+ courses: 

The phrase ‘ The Long Tail’ has been taken from the famous book with the same title by Chris Anderson.

So in addition to the courses listed as modules that  belong to a cluster with a definitive  description, ( such as coming of age in the 4th Industrial Age, TeacherPreneur and SmartParenting) there are a number of courses that can be taken up by anyone when it appears to be of use by itself. This is a step towards personalisation of learning.

They are also delivered through WhatsApp.

The course code for each course comprises the initials of the name of the author with a number indicating the serial number of the course from the specific author. Author’s bios are given in a separate page.

The list is being continually updated, but comprises the following courses at the present:

MMP01: Become a lifelong Learner

MMP02: Time Management for the Youth

MMP03: Learning from Mobile Apps and MOOCs

MMP04: Financial Acumen

MMP05: Big Data: the Big Picture

MMP06: Blockchain : demystified

MMP07: Machine Intelligence: what is it, and why it matters?
MMP08: Quantum Computing : a Primer
MMP09: Creative Intelligence
MMP10: Critical Reasoning
MMP11: Mathematical Modelling

MMP12: Computational Thinking
MMP13: Homo Sapiens? a Primer on human evolution
MMP14: Ethics and Values
MMP15: Emotional Intelligence
MMP16: The future of work

MMP17: Disruptive Educational Innovation

MMP18: WhatsApp for Educators
MMP19: Flipped Learning
MMP20: Flourishing as a TeacherPreneur in the Gig Economy
MMP21: Business Matters for a TeacherPreneur
MMP22: Developing a ‘product’ as a TeacherPreneur
MMP23: Humour in the Teaching-Learning Process

MMP24: Technology and Parenting
MMP25: Fostering the habit of learning
MMP26: Developing Future Leaders

MMP27: Improving Reading Skills

MMP28: Overcoming Maths Phobia

MMP29: Can’t get into IIT? Rejoice !!!

MMP30: Preparing for a hundred year life
MMP31: Flash fiction : very short stories
MMP32: How to write and make good speeches?
MMP33: Finding meaning and purpose in life
MMP34: Fascinating, overwhelming and Perennial Questions
MMP35: Mental Depression
MMP36: Creating and succeeding in a second ‘avatar’
MMP37: Ageing Gracefully
MMP38: Learning How to Learn
MMP39: The Internet of Things and how it will impact our lives
MMP40: Digital Manufacturing or 3D Printing
MMP41: Overview of the Legal System
MMP42: The Civil Justice System
MMP43: The Criminal Justice System
MMP44: IT Law essentials
MMP45: IPR Law essentials
MMP46: POSH ( Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace)
MMP47: The right to Information Act
MMP48: Consumer Rights in the Digital Age
MMP49: Ponzi Schemes and other Frauds
MMP50: Legal Issues in the age of AI and Robotics

MMP51: From education for employment to Learning for self discovery

MMP52: 55 words of inspiration
MMP53: If you lost your job tomorrow?
MMP54: Ponzi Schemes and other Frauds
MMP 55: Information Fluency

AK01: Entrepreneurship
AK02: NBFC Regulations
AK03: Spiritualism in Life
AK04: Money Realization
AK05: Passenger and Goods Logistics
AK06: Milk Industry
AK07: Sportspreneurship
AK08: Soft skill development
AK09: Networking Skills
AK10: Marketing of perishable FMCGs
JMP01: 5S- Foundation for Operations Excellence
JMP02: Kaizen for Higher Productivity – a continuous improvement process

JMP03: Problem Solving

JMP04: Six Thinking Hats

JMP05: Six sigma Basics

JMP06: Lean Management

JMP07: Managing Projects Effectively

JMP08: Quality Management

JMP09: Value Analysis

JMP10: Time Management

JMP11: Leadership Skills

JMP12: Performance Management

JMP13: Motivation – self and others

JMP14: Self Development

JMP15: Negotiation Skills

JMP16: Communication Skills

JMP17: Conflict Management

JMP18: Anger Management

JMP19: Becoming an Entrepreneur

JMP20: Making a Business Plan


MA01: Understanding adolescent behaviour in Schools

MA02: Inclusive School Environments

MA03: The Autism Spectrum and raiding an autistic child: a parent guide

MA04: Children with Special Education needs: accommodation in the Indian School system

MA05: Finding meaning in your job as a Teacher

MA06: Mindfulness as a way of living and learning better

MA07: Raising Emotionally strong kids

MA08: Empathy and Design Thinking

MA09: How to choose the first School for your child?

MA10: Developing a family educational Philosophy


GJ01:Parental and fetal health for lifelong learning
GJ02:Branding and IP
GJ03:Nature, nurture and lifelong learning (Genes, DNA, etc.)
GJ04:Brain structure and function in health and disease, neuroplasticity and lifelong learning
GJ05: Why and what educational institutions should know about IP ?

RK01: Emojis for Teaching-Learning

RK02: Cybersecurity starts with you

RK03: Being a responsible digital citizen

AA01: LLQLWD ( Learning to live a quality life with Diabetes)

CKA01 : Bitcoin

PM01 : Holistic living

KM01 : If you lost your job tomorrow ?