This month’s program ( August 2017)

This month’s program: August 2017

Courses, programs and activities for August 2017

1: Featured Courses of the month beginning Mondays:
1st Monday: MMP 01: Become a lifelong learner ( 7th August)
2nd Monday: MMP10: Critical Reasoning (14th August)
3rd Monday : MMP26: Technology and Parenting ( 21st August)
4th Monday : MMP12: Computational Thinking (28th August)

Other learning experiences with Whatsapp:
2: Free ‘learning weekends, once a month’:

one day Whatsapp course on Saturday + SMILE event on following Sunday. :
Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th on Children’s literature.

3: Guided reading of great stories:( runs for 1 day : Saturday)

3.1: How much land does a man need ? Leo Tolstoy (5th August)

3.2: The Verger : W Somerset Maugham (12th August)

3.3: The lost child : Mulkraj Anand ( 19th August)

3.4: Shatranj Ke Khiladi : Premchand ( 26th August)

4.  Guided reading of great essays. ( runs for 1 day: Sunday)
4.1: On being the right size: JBS Haldane (6th August)
4.2: El Dorado: Robert Louis Stevenson (13th August)
4.3: Useless Knowledge: Bertrand Russell (20th August)
4.4: Does truth matter : Carl Sagan ( 27th August)


5: Bundled Programs built upon 5 day courses 
5.1: Coming of Age in the 4th Industrial Age
5.2: SmartParenting
5.3: Becoming a TeacherPreneur

6: Also offer personal remote mentoring on a few core themes.. aligned to courses.